Francis Bitonti Studio's Modeling + 3D Printing Digital Textiles Part 1: Maya course is the first part to our online, tutorial-driven textile course.  Through this series of eight video-tutorials, you will be led, step-by-step, through how to work with, edit and customize poly surfaces in Maya to fabricate 3D Printed articulated textiles. At the conclusion of this course, you will have designed the pieces needed to create an articulated textile.  This course is a precursor to the Part 2: Rhino Course, which will walk you through how to panel and connect these pieces and prepare your textile file for printing.


Francis Bitonti Studio's Modeling + 3D Printing Digital Textiles Online Course Part 2: Rhino is the second half of our online textile course.  This series of seven video-tutorials is meant to follow Part 1: Maya.  Through this series of tutorials, you will be led, step-by-step, through how to work with and customize surfaces using Rhino's "Paneling Tools" tool set.  At the conclusion of the course, you will have accumulated the skillset necessary to fully produce your own unique articulated textile and will have created a file that is ready to be exported to a 3D Printer.




1. Intro to Maya Interface
  • Menus - locating and accessing
  • Shortcuts + Hotkeys
  • Viewports
  • Navigation
  • Polygon Modeling Tools + Setup
  • Extras: Outliner, Timeline, Script Editor/Output

2. Importing into Maya
  • Import geometry (Human Form)
  • Simple import editing
  • Downloadable Human Form File

3. Intro to Polysurface Modeling
  • Creating Polygon Primitives
  • Toggling through views+previews
  • Using Maya Gumball
  • Attribute Editor
  • Marking Menu
  • Scaling faces, edges, vertices, etc

4. Editing and articulating Polysurface (Pt 1)
  • Chainmail Articulation
  • Extracting Geometry
  • Bridging
  • Normals
  • Mirroring + Rotating Geometry
  • Assigning Material

5. Editing and articulating Polysurfaces (Pt 2)
  • Chainmail Articulation - Base Module
  • Extracting Geometry
  • Bridging (With Options)
  • Repeat Command
  • Simplifying + Dividing Geometry

6. Extruding and Customizing Polysurface
  • Extrude Component - Basic Geometry
  • Extrude Component - Textile Geometry
  • Scaling 1D and 2D

7. BlendShape and Animation for Polysurfaces
  • Maya Animation Tools
  • Blendshape Tool
  • Create Individual Pieces of Geometry from "Geometrical Family"

8. Exporting from Maya
  • Create geometry from Preview
  • Exporting Maya File (.obj)
  • Plug-in Manager

8. Pertinent Downloadable Files
  • Human Form
  • Tutorial Output


1. Intro to Rhino Interface
  • Units
  • Shortcuts + Hotkeys
  • Viewport
  • Navigation
  • Command Line
  • Snaps + Filter
  • Properties + Layers

2. Importing into Rhino
  • Import base geometry
  • XYZ Planes
  • Basic Object Editing
  • Downloadable Human Form File

3. Intro to Rhino Curve Surface Modeling
  • Curves
  • InterpCrv Command
  • Snaps
  • Control Points
  • record surface
  • loft

4. Rhino Unroll Surface
  • Rhino Surfaces
  • Help Menu
  • Unroll Command
  • Smash Command

5. Intro to Rhino Paneling Tools- 2D Part 1
  • Paneling Tools Grid
  • Panel Tools Preset Patterns
  • Panel Tools Custom Patters
  • Attractor Points

6. Customizing to Rhino Paneling Tools- 3D Part 2
  • Paneling Tools 3D Preset
  • Point + Curve Attractors
  • Offset Command
  • Flow Command
  • Applying Maya Objects
  • Bounding Box + Box Morphing
  • Abstract Surface Command
  • Area Centroid Command
  • Paneling Tools 3D Custom Variable

7. Exporting from Rhino
  • Tool Options + Settings
  • Fill Mesh Holes
  • Normals
  • Rebuild/Unify (Mesh Normals)
  • Check Command
  • Export for 3D Printing

8. Pertinent Rhino Downloadable Files
  • Human Form
  • Surface Output
  • Paneling Tools Output
  • Final Course Output

Course Suggestions:

  • While there is no previous knowledge of the computer programs required, it may be useful to familiarize yourself with the work space before beginning tutorials.
  • To get the most benefit out of these tutorials, you should follow along in your own work space while watching.  
    • A free 30-day trial of Autodesk Maya (for mac) may be downloaded  here.  
    • If you are a student, you have access to a free-download of Autodesk Maya (Education-Version for Mac) here.
    • You can download a free trial of Rhino for Mac here.
  • For best results, complete tutorial in order (Part 1: Maya, Part 2: Rhino).