Program History

The New Skins Workshop Series, led by Francis Bitonti, launched Summer 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. New Skins Workshop explores new computational design methods and techniques, equipping students with the skills and tools needed to design and fabricate complex geometry in computational fashion design. Students work closely with Francis Bitonti Studio with the intent to create, develop, and fabricate innovative and iconic forms and shapes. Francis Bitonti explains, “The workshop is about finding the new aesthetic formal language of this new manufacturing paradigm. It’s not just about replicating a form from the computer, though that is part of it—it’s about cultivating new material behaviors.” 


This summer we will focus on shoe design and production using 3D Printing. 

A 10-day workshop under the direction of Francis Bitonti, where students will learn the tools and theory of computational design processes as they relate to shoe design. Courses will introduce students to the tools and software needed to design and fabricate complex geometry. In addition to a schedule of courses, students will collaborate with Francis Bitonti Studio on the production of a 3D printed shoes in the form of a working design studio environment.

New Skins London2015

June22-July 3

New Skins NYC2015

July 13-July 24

(Application Deadline: June 8, 2015)

Professionals: 2,000 GBP

Students: 1,500 GBP

One Week Software Emersion:
(June 22nd to June 26th.)

Professionals: 1,000 GBP

Students: 750 GBP

Fill out the form below before June 8th to apply for the 

 London New Skins Workshop:

(Application Deadline: June 30, 2015)

Professionals: 1,700 USD

Students: 1,200 USD

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 NYC New Skins Workshop:

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